Main Conference paper submission deadline has been extended to 28 June 2021


IEEE EDOC, a series of IEEE conferences on distributed systems in and beyond the enterprise, celebrates its 25th anniversary with a return to Australia’s Gold Coast where it all began in 1997. EDOC conferences were established to address a wide range of enterprise related concerns when building distributed systems such as the objectives, business rules and policies that need to be supported by the system - and thus to complement existing middleware conferences at the time. The emphasis is on business and social communities within which the systems are to be built - such as those within the scope of the enterprise viewpoint of the ISO/ITU-T Open Distributed Processing (ODP) standards.

The EDOC’s unique emphasis is on a holistic view on enterprise applications engineering and management, fostering integrated approaches that address and relate business models, business processes, business policies, people and technology - within and across enterprises. This emphasis has established its credibility and longevity and made it the premier enterprise distributed computing conference for addressing full range of models, methodologies, and engineering technologies involved in building and evolving effective enterprise systems.

Since 1997, EDOC has brought together leading computer scientists, IT decision makers, enterprise architects, solution designers, and practitioners to discuss enterprise computing challenges, models and solutions from the perspectives of academia, industry, and government. Over that time, new technologies were emerging, e.g., component and service architectures, model-driven engineering, business process management, event-based processing and big data, each of which brought new enterprise challenges and themes to EDOC conferences (and indeed related new conferences in their own right).

The theme of EDOC2021 is on considering enterprise computing challenges in the context of new technologies related to the Industry 4.0 and beyond, including AI, data science, distributed ledgers/blockchain, digital twins, IoT, genomics and augmented reality. The aim is to start addressing new business challenges in the domains such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, environmental sciences, sustainable agriculture and FinTech, while ensuring compliance with the related human rights, ethics and legal challenges and longer-term interoperability strategies.

COVID-19 Update
EDOC21 main conference will be held virtually due to the COVID19 situation and the closure of Australian borders. EDOC21 workshops, demo sessions and doctoral consortium will be run in hybrid mode, with national face to face attendees and virtual international participation.

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